Loss Of Regular Light Bulbs Costly

Reference Article: Loss Of Regular Light Bulbs Costly | Posted on February 25, 2014 by Ed Welge

From the Editor:

If you like your light bulbs, you can’t keep them. (This promise was honest).

Almost two-thirds of the public was not aware that as of Jan. 1, 2014 it’s now illegal to manufacture or import our traditional incandescent bulbs in the United States.

CBS News reports the “alternative” costly, mercury-filled compact fluorescent lights are manufactured in China and incandescent factories in the U.S. are now kaput.

The last U.S. incandescent light bulb factory closed in September 2013 leaving 200 some well-paid people clocking in at the unemployment line, GE News stated.

One of the stated purposes of the 2007 act was to move the country toward a “greater energy independent and security.” Horse puck. The CFL bulbs contain mercury and explosives. I know I have seen it and several others who have witnessed this mishap as well.

Light Bulbs Costly Alternatives

It used to cost as little as $25 to equip a house with 100 light bulbs while it now cost about $500 to do so. The whole thing smells as if it were put together by the administration and the president of GE.

Remember voters this has the potential to be a serious 2014 election issue representing more government meddling and increased costs, loss of American jobs and the elimination of choice.

Ed Welge

P.S. This will provide China and GE extreme profits, most of which will never be taxed by the USA. Remember this brainstorm was hatched by our boy, GE and Red China.


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