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Everything about fluorescent light and the associated health effects.


CFL Fire Hazard

Posted on Facebook Group: Hoarding Incandescent Light Bulbs 23 December 2014 by  Cindy Wight Bridges about a CFL Fire Hazard: A friend shared this with me and wanted to pass it on. GOOD TO…


Incandescent Sales are Up while CFL Sales are Down.

Shipments of Incandescent Lamps Illuminate at the Close of 2011 NEMA’s indexes for incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) lamp shipments increased by 29.4 and 3.6 percent, respectively, during Q4 2011…


First look at Philips L-Prize winning LED bulb

Information you should know when viewing this video: The bulb uses red and blue LED elements.  Blue LEDs are known to cause permanent damage to the retina of the eye….


Light bulb dilemma: Shift to CFL lighting a concern

Credit: JOE MAHONEY/TIMES-DISPATCH Lois Fay, who has a disorder that makes her very sensitive to light, uses amber colored low-wattage bulbs in a heavily draped bedroom. By: Tammie Smith |…


pdf: Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) Are Costly and Dangerous Can Cause Fires – Even Explosions!

Editorial Note:  Below is a copy of the Table of Contents page from this very well researched paper. Compact Fluorescent Lights (DFLs) Are Costly and Dangerous Can Cause Fires –…


Light Bulb Phaseout Worse Than Reported

Posted 01/12/2012 05:15 PM ET | Reposted from: Environmentalism: As the light bulb phaseout goes into effect, you may be surprised to know the law also requires their…


Huge Price Increases Underway from Lamp Manufacturers: The impact of rare earth metals shortages

Source1: “> Source2: There is a rapid, emerging shortage of rare earth metals, a primary component used in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps – principally phosphors. Phosphors are transition…


Lie # 2 – CFLs are better for the environment

Source: Lie # 2 – CFLs are better for the environment. Fact: This is a complete lie backed up by no facts. They claim that power plants create up…


Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) serious dangers and alternatives Good overview of the hidden dangers inside CFLs.  Section headings include: Mercury Fact Sheet What to Do if a Fluorescent Light Bulb Breaks What about UV radiation? What is…


CFLs Are Mercury Polluters

From: The Dark Side Of CFLs … More than 98% of used CFLs end up in landfills each year. That is 675 million for the year 2007 according to…