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Welcome to!

Though I created this website in December 1997 in reaction to HR 6 Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007  I did not start this news blog until today.  It…


National Geographic Light Bulb Savings Calculator

Editorial:  Interesting idea. Not sure how helpful it is… From a pure web development standpoint, this calculator is beautiful, elegant, and simple to use.  It uses slide bars to allow…


The Legislation that De-Funded the “Light Bulb Ban”

I have been in a conversation the last couple days with a couple people where we were trying to find the exact wording of the “rider” that de-funded the “ban”. …


New “Testimonials” Section Added to

There is nothing like a personal story to allow others understand what all the facts and figures actually mean…  to emphasize the true human cost.   For this reason, I…


Virginia Lawmaker Files Wildly Unconstitutional Bill Seeking To Nullify Federal Lightbulb Standards

By Ian Millhiser | | on Jan 10, 2012 at 9:50 am [Editorial Note:  To state the obvious… Federal law is controlled by two houses of Congress which is…