eCandescent Kickstarter campaign has launched!

The first incandescent that can legally be sold in the USA after January 1, 2015!  It’s as energy efficient as a CFL curly bulb without any of the toxins and downsides!  They also have a “universal” version that will work anywhere in the world!  You gotta check it out!

The World’s First Energy-Efficient 100,000+ Hour Incandescent Bulb!

The eCandescent™ bulb is the highest quality light you’ll ever experience.

It’s a next generation, energy efficient, long lasting, fully dimmable incandescent bulb that produces the highest quality light available. The eCandescent™, dramatically reduces your energy costs, can last over 100 years and has absolutely no dangers or hazards to your family and our environment, and gives you unparalleled‎ lighting control.

Don’t know anything about Kickstater?  Not to worry, it’s easy.  And here is a page that walks you through everything: