What You Can Do

#1 Educate Yourself

The more you know, the better you will be able to explain to others why saving the incandescent light bulb is important.

#2 Get to know your Senators and Representative

You can use the “Locate” tool to the right to find your congressmen. Don’t be afraid to call their offices and ask why their position is on the light bulb “ban”.

#3 Make your voice heard.

  • Signing petitions are good.
  • Filling out a congressmans’ webform is better.
  • Writing a handwritten letter is really great.
  • Making a phone call is best.

Use our “Write Your Congressman” page to create your letter.

#4 Find Out What Is Happening In Your State

Congress.org MegaVote allows you to sign up for weekly email summaries of how your Senators and Representative have voted.

#5 Signup at with us to join our community and stay informed.

There is a sign up form on the right side of this page.