The dangers from phosphor-coated glass of broken CFL bulbs

In an article published yesterday in the author talked about the dangers from the phosphor-coated glass of broken CFL bulbs.  Just another reason not to have them in your home.


Fluorescent lamps produce several hazards if shattered. Depending on the type, there may be a partial vacuum or the light bulb may be under pressure. Shattering the glass can cause shrapnel injuries, along with the release of mercury and other unhealthy compounds.

The biggest immediate injury danger from a damaged lamp is from the phosphor-coated glass. If cut with fluorescent lamp glass, any phosphor that goes in the wound is likely to stop blood clotting and can interfere with curing. Such mishaps should be handled seriously and immediate medical assistance should be obtained for people or domestic pets that are cut. Medical employees ought to be notified that the injuries were caused by a damaged fluorescent lamp, and that mercury was present.


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