Problems associated with the Irlen Syndrome

  • I am writing on behalf of the people who have Irlen syndrome. This is an inherited condition which results in the individual being hypersensitive to certain wavelengths of light. This is not only a visual problem. The light actually produces havoc with brain activity that can last for hours after the offending light source is removed. The most common “bad” light is fluorescent, although LED source can be just as bad. Some people have most difficulty with sunlight. The main symptoms are distorted vision ( letters may appear to move, be blurred, disappear), headaches, perceptual difficulties (bumping into things, poor hand/eye coordination, difficulty with parallel parking, etc), fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration. The Irlen community has been petitioning for years to stop the ban of incandescent lights as for most of us, this is the only comfortable light we can live with.

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